Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is what should be done....

Most people in America, or the world for that matter, are totally unaware that we are on the brink of World War III. Here is a quick recap on the situation, you can find this by doing any kind of search online or any talk radio station recently. If we strike against Syria, then Russia and China have already said they will attack Saudi Arabia and most likely Israel. If those things happen we will be fighting to save Israel from Iran, Egypt, Libya,Syria, Russia, China and North Korea just to name a few. Keep in mind that we are threatening to strike against Syria because it is SUSPECTED that they used chemical weapons, not only is it simply SUSPECTED, but even if they did, 1700 people were killed; while that is a sufficient amount of innocent blood shed, why did we not intervene when 500,000 people were slaughtered by rebels in Rawanda? We need to be consistent if anything else, especially if we are going to be the "world's police".

Now, back to what should be done, America needs to pull its military forces from the Middle East and stay out of religious wars because ultimately no one wins. Involvement in a religious war is a lose-lose situation. The extremists WANT to die for Jihad, that is an honor for them, they pray to die in the name of Allah. Fighting a religious war is simply fighting an idea, you cannot kill an idea with missiles and blood shed.

Secondly, America is in a very sticky situation right now... We need to start fighting for freedom when freedom is actually being threatened, not every time a school yard bully starts calling us names.  We need to keep our soldiers on our own soil and defend our coasts and borders. When there is an immediate threat to our country and our citizens then and only then, should we prepare for war. I've yet to see any recent development in the Middle East that would hint towards a projected end date. By the way, Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein are both dead right? Isn't that what we went the to do? So why are we still there? Let me know when you have a logical explanation, because of all the things that I read and come across, that one still doesn't have a respectable explanation.

In conclusion, America is responsible for the majority of war caused deaths and destruction through out the entire world, what's worse is that we do it all in the name of freedom and democracy. Blah... Freedom is allowing other countries to fight through their own civil wars and their own battles. We shouldn't intervene in every war that we her about. Or maybe we do that because America and its politicians own 90% of weapons manufacturing companies in the world, and when there is war, those corrupt individuals make billions of dollars a day. Just a thought.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Enough is enough.

The last time I checked this was still America, according to geography. Politically it feels a lot more like a corrupt third world country, with politicians filling there pockets with money and bribes from filthy lobbyists.

Our politicians have failed us before, but this time they are knowingly and willingly feeding us to the wolves. The federal reserve, United Nations, all of these organizations that having nothing to do with our government are being implemented into our country, but where do they come from? Who runs them? These money hungry corrupt organizations are not, and never have been a part of American government. Do your own research if you do not believe me. They are private entities that levy heavy interest rates and make large contributions of cash to buy the votes of politicians. We've unfortunately been sold out. It may be worth doing some research on as well while your at it, about who the original sell outs were. Obama comes to your mind, of course, but what about FDR, LBJ, Bush sr., Bush Jr., they are all traders.

It's sad to say but our time as the strongest nation in the world is long gone, we haven't been for going on a decade now. What's worse is that we still feel that we are "big bad America" because our politicians and media tell us that we are.

We need to wake up, and take back our country. These politicians are not doing what's best for us... It's all about them and it always will be, unless we wake up. Americans are know to other countries as "sheeple" (people+sheep). We follow our leaders and media blindly to the slaughter house. I, for one, am not following anymore. Do a little bit of research, read about the federal reserve and the interest rates they charge America and other countries to borrow money from, and the way they have enslaved us into debt, read about the United Nations and there agenda to form a one world government and the people who openly support it.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What are we fighting for now?

Have any of you stopped and actually thought, what the hell are we doing in the Middle East still? I mean, seriously. Since 2001 our country has been at a war that the majority of us don't even know what the main reason is. Come to think of it, when was the last time that our country entered a war or conflict that prevented a direct threat to our own soil? The civil war doesn't count obviously. In the last 75 years we have been fighting war after war, and for what? Do you realize that America could cut its military budget by an estimated 80% and still have the strongest military in the entire world?

I support the troops one hundred percent, in no way am I anti-America or against the troops. I have friends who have past away in the Middle East, relatives currently serving and so forth, but I find my self wondering, why the hell are we still there? We got Hussein and Bin Laden (even though no pictures or proof were shared), what are we doing now? They say we are rebuilding it. Why did we go there to begin with just to destroy it if it is going to cost us billions of dollars and thousands of lives to rebuild it? All in all it makes zero sense.

Obama and his administration and all of the other administrations before him, shame on you. Shame on the American government for carelessly sacrificing young American lives, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, friends and daughters, mothers, sisters... If the US government is so damn war hungry, please... Lead us into these necessary battles your selves. George Washington and other great leaders fought side by side with their troops, now Obama,  our "commander and chief" watches from a press room. How pathetic can it get... He watches our troops perform missions that he himself would never attempt, for a minimal pay that he would never work for, and to top it off he doesn't want them to vote, receive benefits for their families or even get paid minimum wage. Out troops deserve better than this. They deserve to be with their families and defend OUR country, defend our soil. Not some body else's. we are not the world's police. It is not our responsibility to defend every country in the world.

I do not support war that does not threaten my family or loved ones on a personal level.  The moment that a foe attempts to come to my country I will bare arms and welcome them with the rest of the soldiers and America supporters, but until then, bring home our troops Now!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's wrong with the media?

So I have recently received a number of requests from friends via Facebook and text message asking me why don't I start a blog? Well, here it is. I've had this account set up since before I graduated college, yet have only used it once or twice. I enjoy writing and discussion, as well as feed back from others so a blog seems like the best way for me to communicate with people my thoughts on current events. I'm going to start writing on here often, about different events or issues, the goal is not to preach but to simply introduce ideas or issues to people and for those who want to put in a little bit of effort, I promise the topics will not disappoint.

Right now, I feel like I need to share with people some of the things that I feel are important yet for the most part they are not "news worthy". As a communications major at BYU, I took a lot of wonderful courses on subjects such as media, persuasion, journalism and ethics. I actually even did a internship for a small local newspaper as a journalist. I felt even while taking theses courses that the media had a responsibility, a duty if you will, to educate the public and to inform the public. I am a person who speaks his mind, often times it has gotten me in trouble. I never liked the phrase, "bite your tongue" or my least favorite, "If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all".  The media seems to follow these guidelines as if we were in communist North Korea. Why can't the media discuss subjects of controversy while sharing both sides of the story? Why are there so many issues that should be breaking headlines but do not even get mentioned? What is the medias agenda, and who are they trying to protect?

I personally believe that it is the medias job to lay out the issues that are occurring and report both sides of the story. Not to start a controversy... Actually, what the heck?!? Why not? So, during the Martin-Zimmerman trial the media was looking for every opportunity to crucify this guy. They lied about his race on multiple occasions, they showed pictures of Trayvon Martin at age 12 with captions that read, "innocent young boy murdered in FL street", even though Trayvon was 17 years old, a practing UFC fighter and had a criminal back ground. The media kept on saying that Trayvon purchased an Arizona tea, but that wasn't true. Trayvon purchased a Arizona watermelon fruit cocktail. Why didn't they share that little detail? For fear of offending people because of the stereotype that goes with watermelon and black people (Alert: Everybody loves watermelon). The media was saying Zimmerman was guilty and were ready to bury him alive, overall it was just disgusting the way it was handled. I don't care about Zimmerman, wether he did it or not isn't the ointment, the point is why does the media thrive on controversy, why do they share parts of the story with the public?

When are we going to here about events that actually make a difference in our country? Who knows who Bradley Manning is? If you don't know who he is then I strongly suggest that you look him up. long story short, he was a US soldier who reported war crimes against innocent women and children is now being charged on 22 accounts for aiding the enemy and has been in solitary confinement prison for months, currently he is facing the death penalty. The government is cracking down hard on "whistle blowers" like Manning, Snowden and those who testified in the Benghazi trial. But, they won't do anything to the NSA or IRS, because that benefited the government, so it's ok.  I'm not anti government, I just don't like the things that are happening right now.  This isn't the same country that it was pre 9/11. Since then we have lost so many rights, and the government has planted itself into every single aspect of our lives.

Nonetheless, do some research on the real case and facts about the Zimmerman trial and ask your self why the media made it so one sided, and like I said previously, I don't care about Zimmerman personally, but I think the media has a responsibility and a duty to tell the whole story and not just the parts that will increase ratings. Also, research more about Bradley Manning.  It's begining to feel alot like "1984" by George Orwell. Read that book if youve got some spare time.

I'll write again shortly.