Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's wrong with the media?

So I have recently received a number of requests from friends via Facebook and text message asking me why don't I start a blog? Well, here it is. I've had this account set up since before I graduated college, yet have only used it once or twice. I enjoy writing and discussion, as well as feed back from others so a blog seems like the best way for me to communicate with people my thoughts on current events. I'm going to start writing on here often, about different events or issues, the goal is not to preach but to simply introduce ideas or issues to people and for those who want to put in a little bit of effort, I promise the topics will not disappoint.

Right now, I feel like I need to share with people some of the things that I feel are important yet for the most part they are not "news worthy". As a communications major at BYU, I took a lot of wonderful courses on subjects such as media, persuasion, journalism and ethics. I actually even did a internship for a small local newspaper as a journalist. I felt even while taking theses courses that the media had a responsibility, a duty if you will, to educate the public and to inform the public. I am a person who speaks his mind, often times it has gotten me in trouble. I never liked the phrase, "bite your tongue" or my least favorite, "If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all".  The media seems to follow these guidelines as if we were in communist North Korea. Why can't the media discuss subjects of controversy while sharing both sides of the story? Why are there so many issues that should be breaking headlines but do not even get mentioned? What is the medias agenda, and who are they trying to protect?

I personally believe that it is the medias job to lay out the issues that are occurring and report both sides of the story. Not to start a controversy... Actually, what the heck?!? Why not? So, during the Martin-Zimmerman trial the media was looking for every opportunity to crucify this guy. They lied about his race on multiple occasions, they showed pictures of Trayvon Martin at age 12 with captions that read, "innocent young boy murdered in FL street", even though Trayvon was 17 years old, a practing UFC fighter and had a criminal back ground. The media kept on saying that Trayvon purchased an Arizona tea, but that wasn't true. Trayvon purchased a Arizona watermelon fruit cocktail. Why didn't they share that little detail? For fear of offending people because of the stereotype that goes with watermelon and black people (Alert: Everybody loves watermelon). The media was saying Zimmerman was guilty and were ready to bury him alive, overall it was just disgusting the way it was handled. I don't care about Zimmerman, wether he did it or not isn't the ointment, the point is why does the media thrive on controversy, why do they share parts of the story with the public?

When are we going to here about events that actually make a difference in our country? Who knows who Bradley Manning is? If you don't know who he is then I strongly suggest that you look him up. long story short, he was a US soldier who reported war crimes against innocent women and children is now being charged on 22 accounts for aiding the enemy and has been in solitary confinement prison for months, currently he is facing the death penalty. The government is cracking down hard on "whistle blowers" like Manning, Snowden and those who testified in the Benghazi trial. But, they won't do anything to the NSA or IRS, because that benefited the government, so it's ok.  I'm not anti government, I just don't like the things that are happening right now.  This isn't the same country that it was pre 9/11. Since then we have lost so many rights, and the government has planted itself into every single aspect of our lives.

Nonetheless, do some research on the real case and facts about the Zimmerman trial and ask your self why the media made it so one sided, and like I said previously, I don't care about Zimmerman personally, but I think the media has a responsibility and a duty to tell the whole story and not just the parts that will increase ratings. Also, research more about Bradley Manning.  It's begining to feel alot like "1984" by George Orwell. Read that book if youve got some spare time.

I'll write again shortly.


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