Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Enough is enough.

The last time I checked this was still America, according to geography. Politically it feels a lot more like a corrupt third world country, with politicians filling there pockets with money and bribes from filthy lobbyists.

Our politicians have failed us before, but this time they are knowingly and willingly feeding us to the wolves. The federal reserve, United Nations, all of these organizations that having nothing to do with our government are being implemented into our country, but where do they come from? Who runs them? These money hungry corrupt organizations are not, and never have been a part of American government. Do your own research if you do not believe me. They are private entities that levy heavy interest rates and make large contributions of cash to buy the votes of politicians. We've unfortunately been sold out. It may be worth doing some research on as well while your at it, about who the original sell outs were. Obama comes to your mind, of course, but what about FDR, LBJ, Bush sr., Bush Jr., they are all traders.

It's sad to say but our time as the strongest nation in the world is long gone, we haven't been for going on a decade now. What's worse is that we still feel that we are "big bad America" because our politicians and media tell us that we are.

We need to wake up, and take back our country. These politicians are not doing what's best for us... It's all about them and it always will be, unless we wake up. Americans are know to other countries as "sheeple" (people+sheep). We follow our leaders and media blindly to the slaughter house. I, for one, am not following anymore. Do a little bit of research, read about the federal reserve and the interest rates they charge America and other countries to borrow money from, and the way they have enslaved us into debt, read about the United Nations and there agenda to form a one world government and the people who openly support it.

Comment, and if y have anything you'd like me to blog about ill gladly do so.

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